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Записки русской девушки в Америке

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First Post Apr. 29th, 2005 @ 08:48 pm

So, since this is my first real post, I thought that I should say why I decided to get myself involved with this whole "live journal" thing in the first place. Here are the reasons:

  • I have a very interesting life!

Now, don't get all excited too soon because I won't necessarily be sharing the most "juicy" or “controversial” details of my life here with the entire world wide web.  (This is a reason you should try to become my "friend," hint, hint.)  I haven't quite decided what I will be posting here and how, but most likely some of my posts will be "friends only" or "girl friends only" (those with tips on seducing guys, for example), while others I'll make public.  We'll see...

  • I am graduating and might be leaving the area soon; this may be a good way to keep in touch with friends.

Or help them keep in touch with me.  Especially once I begin law school, I might not have the time to write long individual e-mails to people describing my life (this is sometimes a problem even now with friends back in Russia).  By simply updating this journal I’ll enable many people to see what I am up to.  I’ll still write the e-mails, but it’ll be easier to keep them short.

  • I will document the story of a beginning lawyer here from the beginning till the end.

While my journal will certainly not be all about law school, the story of law school preparation and attendance will probably be a significant part of it.  The experiences that I will eventually share here may be both interesting and helpful to some potential law students, who happen to run across my journal in the future… in the days, when I already become a successful and rich career woman – mmm, I wish!  And, of course, my story may even be interesting to someone not interested in joining the law profession.  It will most likely be a unique and interesting experience on its own.

  • This journal might become the basis for a book later.

There is a book out there, One L by Scott Turow, that is autobiographical and details the experiences of a first year law student at Harvard.  However, Turow was writing about Harvard as it was in the 70s, and by most accounts the story is outdated in this regard.  Perhaps someday I will be the one to write an “updated” newer version of One L?  The truth is, I’ve been planning since childhood to become a writer someday.

  • Finally, some of my friends are here on live journal.



P.S.  Хочу также обратиться ко всем русскоязычным читателем моего дневника и объяснить, почему в большинстве случаев я буду писать здесь на английском.  Да, я хорошо владею русским языком, но писать буду в основном на английском по одной причине:  почти все мои русскоговорящие друзья хорошо понимают англииский, но мало кто из моих нерусскоговорящих друзей читает или понимает по-русски. 

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