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Top Fast Dance Songs

 Some of my Top Dance Songs for fast energetic dancing!

If you are planning a party, this list can be very helpful.  Note that this is all very contemporary music, it doesn't include any oldies.  Also, it's only a sample of the great dance music that I love.  Once again, if you would like to recommend me some party-style dance songs, please do so in a comment to this post - I will be very grateful!

1) Daddy Yankee – Gasolina (US, latino/hip-hop)

2) Наталья Подольская – Everybody dance/remix (Russia, pop)

3) Руслана – Wild dances (Ukraine, pop)

4) Як-40 – Делай (Russia, pop)

5) Tarkan – Kuzu, kuzu (Turkey, dance)

6) Звери – Южная ночь (Russia, pop rock)

7) 50 cent – Candy shop (US, hip-hop)

8) Ashlee Simpson – La la (US, rock)

9) DJ Mendez – Razor tongue (Brazilian or Portuguese, not sure)

10) O-Zone – Dragostea din tei (Romanian, pop)

11) Sugarbabes – In the middle (United Kingdom, pop)

12) Диана Гурцкая – Нежная (Russia, pop)

13) Envoy – Elle elle la (France, pop)

14) Премьер-министр – Ай, ай, ай (Russia, pop)

15) Shaggy – Dance and shout (US, dance)

16) Варвара – Летала да пела (Ukraine, pop)

17) Kevin Lyttle – Turn me on (Jamaica)

18) Double M – Tornerai (Italy, pop)

19) Despina Vandi – Gia (Greece, techno)

20) K-Maro – Crazy (France, hip-hop/dance)

21) 140 Ударов в Минуту – Не буди меня (Russia, pop/techno)

22) А-Европа – Девчонка из Маями (Russia, pop)

23) А-Европа – Белые небеса (Russia, pop)

24) Dhoom – Dhoom, dhoom (Indian, pop)

25) Arash – Tike tike cardi (Iran, pop)

26) Хамелион – Зай! Познакомимся давай... (Russia, pop)

27) Верка Сердючка – Хорошо (Ukraine, pop)

28) Глюкоза - Между нами любовь/dance remix (Russia, pop/techno)

29) Валерий Леонтьев – Танцуй (Russia, pop)

30) Ангина - Интернетный (Russia, pop/techno)
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