Katia (katyushak) wrote,

Всем, кто не читает по-русски. To everyone who doesn't read in Russian.

I've been finding out that more and more non-Russian-speaking people are reading my journal. Also, I've wanted to expand the accessibility of my journal to non-Russian-speaking people in general. So I have been thinking of ways to easily translate my LJ web-site into English, without much hassle, but there do not seem to be many good options for that. [If you by some chance come up with good suggestions, be sure to let me know in a comment to this post.] Babblefish has been a popular choice by some people for their blog translation, but I've looked at it, and the translation from Russian to English it provides is really not that good. The website http://freetranslation.paralink.com/ seems to provide much better Russian-to-English translation, but even the translation there is not that great. I decided that what I must do, it seems, is simply write my entries in two languages: one version in English, one in Russian. Since I don't write in my journal that much, at least right now, maybe that will not be that hard after all. I am fluent in both languages. And sometimes it's actually very nice to write in English, it all depends. So I will try to write the English-version for every entry and put it under lj-cut (just the way I did it for the previous entry, see here). Oh... and if you're someone non-Russian-speaking and want to read my previous entries, just copy and paste the text into freetranslation.com.

A reminder to everyone, entries in my journal are "friends-only" starting October 11th. This means that you need to have an account on livejournal and be on my friends list, in order to see my writing. This is just because I like to know, who reads what I write. So, if you want to be able to read my friends-only posts, create an account on livejournal and then add me to your friends list. It is very quick, easy and free here: https://www.livejournal.com/create.bml

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