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katia, you are...

The Wild Rose
Random Brutal Love Dreamer

Colorful, but unpicked. You are The Wild Rose.

Prone to bouts of cynicism, sarcasm, and thorns, you excite a certain kind of man.
Hoping to gather you up, he flirts and winks and asks you out, ultimately professing his love.
Then you make him bleed. Why? Because you're the rare, independent, self-sufficient kind
of woman who does want love, but not from a weakling.

You don't seem to take yourself too seriously, and that's refreshing. You aren't uptight; you
don't over-plan. Romance-wise, a true relationship would be preferable. For your age, you
haven't had a lot of bonafide love experience, though, and this kind of gets to core of the issue.
You are very selective.

The problem is them, not you, right? You have lofty standards that few measure up to.
You're out there all right, but not to be picked up by just anyone.

ALWAYS AVOID: The Bachelor
(Deliberate Gentle Sex Master)

Straight-up and studly. He's an honest, good-thinking guy, and though he's very sexually active, people usually don't perceive him as a male-slut or man-whore or guy-dick-putter-inner or whatever. He has a sterling reputation.

The Bachelor is a careful person, perhaps too much so, but girls like that in him. He probably doesn't kiss & tell. And he definitely doesn't brag. He knows that he doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. It's as if he believes in monogamy, so long as it's with lots of different people.  There's some kind of word-of-mouth going on with the girls out there for this guy, and as time goes on his sex partners will get even more plentiful.

CONSIDER: The Vapor Trail
(Random Brutal Love Master)

Vapor Trails can be highly charismatic people--unpredictable, confident, and magnetic. They are also highly experienced in romance. They know how to handle themselves in relationships and women really like that.

A Vapor Trail has had his share of blissful beginnings, to be sure. But things almost never turn out how he'd like them to. The problem is he's never happy with someone for an extended period of time.


interesting, interesting... If you take this quiz, let me know what profile you get in a comment below... very curious...
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